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This is a clip from next week’s Stop Podcasting Yourself with guest Paul F. Tompkins. Our overheard/celebrity birthday segment is getting weirder. Find out where this goes when the episode is released this coming Monday night.

Have you ever laughed until you cried at 6 in the morning even after (most of) a whole night’s sleep?

If you live in one of the more Westerly time zones, listen to this THE MOMENT YOU AWAKEN!

If you are Snoop Dogg, you may not have been to sleep yet, because no one leaves UNTIL 6 in the mornin’. Get the kids off to school, take a nap, and remember to listen to this as soon as you wake up. You won’t get the maximum effect, but it will still be hilarious.

And if you live in Eastern? Or even ATLANTIC? Or if you HATE SPOILERS? Well, you should listen anyway.

Look, you know these guys, and if you don’t, I will vouch for them. They are SOME OF THE BEST. 


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